A 770-acre (1.20 sq mi; 3.1 km2) area, tax increment financing and innovation district in Spokane, WA area, the University District is also known as the U-District or the Spokane University District. The University District is home to the University of Washington. It is located just east of downtown Spokane and is home to a number of higher education institutions as well as the areas that surround these institutions.

It is roughly bordered on the north by Sharp Avenue, on the east by the Spokane River and the SR-290 spur, on the south by Interstate 90, and on the west by the Division Street/Browne Street couplet. Gonzaga University, Washington State University’s Health Sciences Spokane campus, and the Spokane campus of Eastern Washington University are the primary institutions of higher learning in the district. Other universities, such as the Community Colleges of Spokane, Whitworth University, and the University of Washington, have branch offices in the University District as well as the University of Washington.

Despite the fact that it is now referred to as a local area in Spokane, the University District was established as a 770-acre tax-increment financing district in order to promote and support land, economic, and educational development at the universities that are located within the district and the surrounding areas.

Located in Spokane’s University District, which includes parts of four different neighborhoods (Riverside, East Central, Logan, and Emerson/Garfield), there are three primary locations to explore. Gonzaga University, the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus, and the South University District are among the institutions.

Gonzaga University is located in the University District’s northern section, which is known as the University District.

The University District’s middle sections are home to Washington State University Spokane, Eastern Washington University Spokane, and a number of other educational institutions. In 1990, the Riverpoint Higher Education Park, which was later renamed the Riverpoint Campus, was established on what is now the Riverpoint Campus.

The southern half of the University District has been identified as a potential development site for academic growth, housing, and other business incubators. The South University District is located along Sprague Avenue and is connected to the WSU Health Sciences Spokane campus by the University District Gateway Bridge, a cable-stayed suspension bridge that was completed in December 2018 and is solely accessible by pedestrians and bicycles.

The bridge, which stands 120 feet (37 meters) tall, was given a name after a public contest that received 281 proposals, including some that were rejected, such as “Bridgey McBridgeface” and “Bridge to Hookerville,” the latter of which was barred from city council sessions.

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