Boomers, located in Spokane Valley, WA, offers delectable cuisine that is unmatched by any other live music venue. Guests can savor juicy flame-grilled steak and seafood, complex salads, and sumptuous burgers while listening to their favorite classic rock music performed live by outstanding and lively local bands. Dance on their gorgeous hard wood dance floor, which is 400 square feet.

They also create a range of cocktails using ingredients from their well-stocked liquor cabinet. Draft and bottled microbrews, as well as domestic beers, are always on tap at the brewery. A fantastic assortment of wine is also available, and it is just waiting to be sampled. The hotel is conveniently positioned a block and a half from the Barker exit on Interstate 90.

Everything starts with their 8oz hand formed grind Angus chuck patties that are grilled to a perfect medium temperature and served on an artisan brioche bun with Straight On or seasoned curly fries on the side. Boomer, Josey Wales, Frankestein, Purple Haze, Santana, Bleu Meanie, and a slew of other artists are represented.

If you’re a member of the Boomers, you’re likely to love classics. On a brioche bread, a Boomer hamburger is topped with a fresh green leaf, tomatoes, red onions, mustard, mayo, and sliced deli style pickles, and served with a side of fries. The Josey Wales is topped with crunchy, golden battered onion rings and topped with cheddar cheese, double smoked bacon, bbq sauce, and bbq sauce. This bad guy is served on a fresh kaiser bun with crisp green leaf lettuce as an accompaniment.

The Frankenstein is a monster of a burger that comes topped with grilled spam, bacon, swiss, a fried egg, deep fried onion tanglers, chipotle brown gravy, and an ambulance, all of which are deserving of the moniker. Purple Haze is a cheddar and habanero pepper jack slathered patty that is topped with fried onion tanglers, green leaf, and bacon and drizzled with our spicy and sweet jamaican jerk sauce before being baked. ‘ Please excuse me while I finish this fry!

It’s loaded with jalapenos and habanero pepper jack, and it’s served on a fresh Kaiser bread with crisp green leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, red onions, mustard, boom! sauce, and thinly sliced deli style pickles, among other things. Bleu Meanie has the potential to completely demolish Pepperland, right in your mouth! Our smoked pepper mayo is slathered on top of gooey, creamy, and melty bleu cheese, which is then topped with lettuce, tomato, and red onions. Every Wednesday, there’s live music and quizzes to enjoy. They also invite classic rock musicians to perform with them on a regular basis, usually once a month.

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