Krell Hill, sometimes known as Tower Mountain, is a mountain summit in Spokane County, Washington, that rises from the southern end of the Selkirk Mountains. It rises suddenly to the southeast of the city of Spokane’s relatively flat South Hill neighborhood. It is the highest point in the city. An area of great topographical relief continues to the east of the peak, towards Mica Peak and the Coeur d’Alene Mountains of the Bitterroot Range, which is itself a component of the Rocky Mountains. The Bitterroot Range is part of the Rocky Mountains.

Towards the north, the mountain begins to slope slowly along a ridge, eventually reaching the Dishman Hills and the Spokane Valley, WA area. Southern and western views reveal the peak towering over relatively level landscape, with the Palouse and Columbia Plateau farms reaching as far as the eye can see in any direction.

While Tower Mountain is not the official name of the mountain, it is generally known as such due of the numerous large television and radio towers that line the ridge that runs along the mountain’s crest. They are visible at all hours of the day, but their flashing red lights make them particularly noticeable at night. They may be seen from a variety of points throughout the Spokane metropolitan area and northern Palouse.

The mountain rises approximately 1,700 feet above the Spokane Valley’s floor and 1,200 feet above the nearby areas of the city of Spokane, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Browne’s Mountain is an unofficial neighborhood in the city of Spokane that is located just beyond the city’s southeastern boundary. It was given this name in honor of pioneer lawyer J.J. Browne, who in 1908 built one of the first residences in the neighborhood. In the northwestern-most foothill of Krell Hill, where it abruptly begins its ascent from the Glenrose and Moran Prairies, it is home to a small community known as Glenrose.

The neighborhood is entirely residential, with a suburban feel to the landscape. A view of Spokane and beyond can be had from the area because of its hilltop location. Some of the roads in the area are owned by private individuals or companies.

The Iller Creek Conservation Area, located on the eastern side of Krell Hill on 966.62 acres, is a part of Spokane County’s Conservation Futures program and has 966.62 acres of land. Iller Creek drains the eastern slopes of the mountain, as well as a ridge to the east, from where it originates. Headwaters of the creek lie on the northern slopes of a ridge that runs eastward from the mountain’s main summit.

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