Latah Creek Wine Cellars, located in Spokane Valley area, founded in 1982 by Mike and Ellena Conway, is regarded as a pioneer in the development of Washington State’s burgeoning wine industry. Only a handful of wineries today can claim origins reaching back to the early 1980s, and even fewer can match the consistency and quality produced by Latah Creek over the course of more than three decades. This family-owned vineyard continues to break new ground in the world of winemaking, introducing new varieties to the market each season in addition to their acclaimed selection of classic wines.

Visitors at Latah Creek Winery, which has been hailed by Wine Spectator Magazine as one of the state’s top producers of Merlot, will get the opportunity to tour one of the region’s most picturesque small wineries, according to the publication. After passing through an arched entryway, you will find yourself in a vast courtyard, which is ideal for picnics or relaxing after a sampling. An spacious tasting bar and a gift shop stocked with gourmet foods and one-of-a-kind, memorable presents can be found on the first floor of the building. Taste some of Latah Creek’s award-winning wines at your leisure while taking a tour of the winemaking facilities in the surrounding area. We sincerely encourage you to come in and take pleasure in our facilities.

Mike and Ellena’s primary focus has been on the production of wines that are naturally balanced and sophisticated; wines that not only serve as the perfect complement to a meal, but also deliver absolute delight on their own merits. This is accomplished through the use of traditional, old-world winemaking principles as well as the selection of exceptional fruit from around the world. Their award-winning past serves as a monument to their continued growth. Because Mike and Ellena think that outstanding wine should be available for everyone to enjoy on a daily basis, their modest wine pricing is a reflection of their philosophy on the subject.

Natalie, Mike and Ellena’s only child, joined the team in 2005, bringing with her the continuity that only a second generation can provide. Mike learned his winemaking techniques the hard way rather than through formal education; as a result, he decided to train Natalie in the family trade through an apprenticeship program. Natalie’s Nectar, Latah Creek’s first dessert red, was created in collaboration with Mike, who was confident in her maturing winemaking abilities at the time. At Latah Creek, Natalie’s fresh perspective and forward-thinking have resulted in several improvements, including the introduction of the Monarch Reserve Reds Series, a small-lot, reserve-quality red wine program. This reserve program, which was established in 2010, allows Natalie to become intimately acquainted with the grape and the reserve wine that is being highlighted.

Currently, winemakers Mike and Natalie maintain a production level of between 13,000 and 15,000 cases per year at Latah Creek. It is estimated that red wines account for approximately 15% of total production, including the Monarch Reserve Series. Sixty percent is comprised of Latah Creek’s most popular wines: Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Spokane’s #1 wine year after year, Huckleberry d’Latah. The remaining 25 percent includes a selection of dry and sweet white wines.

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