Minnehaha, Spokane, WA, is a great neighborhood to call home. Located 5.5 miles outside of Spokane Valley, Washington area, you’ll be close enough for friends without having them drive an hour or more out on their own time. With 3254 residents estimated within Minnehaha, Spokane, WA’s boundaries, it feels like everyone knows each other- which makes socializing easy as well.

Minnehaha, Spokane, WA, is a great place to live with many things going on in the neighborhood. This area has ranked high across many different categories, including livability, making it the 10th  best out of all neighborhoods around Spokane and 62nd in Washington. This place has a lot to offer. In addition, it ranks higher than 84% of other neighborhoods in the city.

The cost of living in Minnehaha, Spokane, WA, is 15% lower than the Spokane average. This makes it easier for residents to enjoy a more affordable lifestyle with all that comes from being so close by. The cost of living in Minnehaha, Spokane, WA, is equal to the national average, but housing there costs 21% less.

Minnehaha has a crime rate that is 164% higher than average. However, violent crimes in this area are 33% lower than their national counterparts- suggesting not all hope is lost for safety here. Residents in Minnehaha have a 1 in 17 chance of becoming the victim of crime, but it’s safer than 42% of cities in Washington. The chance of becoming a victim in Minnehaha is much lower than the average for cities across America, making it safer than most other places.

Minnehaha, Spokane, WA, is a small town with 31% lower income than average and 22% less median household earning power. Male earnings there are 41% higher than the females. The people of Minnehaha have it easy. The unemployment rate in this area is 18% lower than the national average, and poverty levels are also on-par with what we see across America as well.

The data shows that about 18% of people in Minnehaha have achieved a high school diploma or higher, which is significantly greater than the national average. Furthermore, 87.6% have completed 8th grade-a significant number. The educational levels in Minnehaha are high, with 84.6% of people having completed their high school education and 18.8% achieving a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The median home price in Minnehaha is 17% lower than the Spokane average, but if you’re looking for a rental property, then it’s about 18% higher than the average.

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