Peaceful Valley is a great neighborhood to call home. It is located 9.8 miles outside of Spokane, with 865 residents estimated to live within the community itself- it’s not too crowded and still has plenty going on for everyone. The fair amount of population makes this neighborhood more than a tranquil place to live. 

Peaceful Valley, Spokane, WA, is a great place to live. This residence ranks 7th out of all neighborhoods in Spokane, WA and 48th in Washington according to Livability scores. It also Ranks better than 88% of areas neighboring it.

It is estimated that the living costs in Peaceful Valley are 17% lower than both Spokane and 3% lower than national averages. Apart from the living costs, housing in the Peaceful Valley area also happens to be 29% less expensive, which is a good thing for anyone who wants to move to this neighborhood. 

The area’s population, on average, experiences 117% higher rates than other areas across the country, while violent crimes are 37% more prevalent here as well. Peaceful Valley is a tranquil paradise for those looking to escape from high crime rates in other living jurisdictions. When you live in Peaceful Valley, the odds of being a victim are 28% lower than those living in cities around the residence- your chances of being a victim of crime are a mere 1 in 20.

The income per capita in this neighborhood is 17% higher than the national average. The median household income in Peaceful Valley is 46% lower than the national average, while male earnings are 41% higher than female earners. The unemployment rate in Peaceful Valley is similar to the national average, but it’s 59% lower than what you would find elsewhere. The poverty level here also matches up with our neighbors across America.

School test scores in Peaceful Valley, WA, are equal to the national average. 98% of people living there have completed 8th grade. The data also  shows that numbers are  just two percent less than 100%, which means most students from this community can count on getting into college and having successful careers ahead of them. The education level of people in Peaceful Valley is very high, with 98.8% having completed high school and 65.7% owning an undergraduate degree.

Peaceful Valley’s real estate prices are 14% lower than the average in Spokane, and rental rates at these properties are estimated to be 21% less expensive as well.

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