Town and Country is a great place to call home. Located 9 miles outside of Spokane Valley, you’ll be close enough for friends and family, with 5048 residents estimated to live in this area.

Town and Country, WA, is a great place to live with many things going on in the neighborhood. This area has ranked high across different categories, including livability – making it 20th out of all neighborhoods around Washington as well 2198th nationwide. Town And Country offers more than its residents could ever ask for: In addition, they rank higher than 92% of all other local places.

The cost of living in Town and Country is 12% lower than the Washington average, while housing here costs 3% more. The tax rates vary by county but overall, it’s a great place to live with plenty going on all around you, with homes priced 9% higher than elsewhere on a national scale.

Town and Country has a crime rate of 34%, which is a bit higher than the national average. Fortunately, violent crimes in this area are estimated to be 21% lower than most places around. The odds of becoming a victim in Town and Country are much lower than they would be for most other cities. There’s only about 1 chance out of 32 that you’ll experience crime here, which makes it safer compared with 27%of United States’ urban areas.

The statistics show that while the income in Town and Country may be lower than average, by 8%. The median household incomes are higher here at 10%. Additionally,  males earn 41% more than females. The unemployment rate in Town and Country, WA, is 42% lower than the national average, which reflects on a poverty level that is 22% lower.

The test scores in Town and Country, WA, are equal to the national average. Nine out of ten people living there have completed 8th grade. If you’re looking for a great place with excellent schools, this might be it. The percent of people in Town and Country who have completed high school impressively stands at 91.6, with an additional 26.5% completing their bachelor’s degree.

Town and Country has lower than average real estate prices for those looking to purchase or rent in this area. The town’s 39% discount from the national average is matched perfectly by rental rates 14%  cheaper than what you’ll find elsewhere in Washington.

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